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This page is designed to be informative to parents, wrestlers, and fans about upcoming events as well as youth and club wrestling.
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Team Announcements
Workouts Begin!
Workouts will begin on OCtober 1 after school in the mini gym.  We will wrestle on Mondays and Wednesdays and lift weight on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Weight Management
A link to the NWCA website has been added to this page.  This website contains a nutrition plan that can be created for each individual wrestler as well as information that will assist with weight management throughout the season.

Body fat certification
Wrestlers, if you wish to wrestle a weight class lower than what you currently weigh, start being smart about your nutrition now.  Do not wait until season starts or it may be too late.  Once you have certified and the minium weight is established, you can go no lower than that minium weight and can loose no more than 1.5% per week.  If you have any questions about this process contact me and I will be glad to explain it further. 
2012/2013 Schedule
The 2012/2013 wrestling schedule has been added below.  The syllabus that contains a list of  every practice, match, and tournament and the times they begin is also included below.
Team Contacts
- Clark, Ed
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Email:  ed_clark@nccs.k12.nc.us
- Murray, Vallie
 Murray, Vallie Send email to contact   
Email:  vallie_murray@nccs.k12.nc.us
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